Submission to NSW Parliamentary Working Group on Assisted Dying

Dr. Karin Sowada and Dr. Megan Best 09/2017

Template for Writing a Letter to Parliament about new Euthanasia legislation


Submission to the Inquiry into the Medical Services (Dying with Dignity) Bill 2014

Dr Glenn N Davies PDF 08/2014

Euthanasia lives again

Briefing 102

Andrew Cameron, Megan Best PDF 05/2013

Euthanasia: The current state-of-play

Briefing 088

Rebecca Belzer PDF 12/2010

Euthanizing fear: why it won’t work

Briefing 087

Proposals for voluntary euthanasia arise from fear. But this short-cut will create fearful conditions under which to die.

Andrew Cameron PDF 10/2010

2008 submission to Senate Inquiry into euthanasia laws repeal Bill

Lisa Watts PDF 10/2010

Transitions to palliation and end of life care: submission to NHMRC

Megan Best PDF 10/2010

Euthanasia and the abandonment of life

Briefing 057

Andrew Cameron, Tracy Nodder and Lisa Watts PDF 02/2007

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