Church And State

Winning on a technicality

Briefing 101

Andrew Cameron and Rebecca Belzer PDF 06/2012

Ethics classes and SRE (Part 2)

Briefing 099

Rebecca Belzer and Andrew Cameron PDF 02/2012

Ethics classes and SRE (Part 1)

Briefing 098

Andrew Cameron and Rebecca Belzer PDF 01/2012

Terror and the People of God

Briefing 001

Andrew Cameron 03/2004

The French headscarf ban and the tragedy of fear

Briefing 000

Andrew Cameron and Tracy Gordon PDF 03/2004

An Evangelical Rationale for Social Action

A 1998 discussion paper by Rev. Michael Hill, former senior lecturer in ethics at Moore Theological College, commissioned by the Social Issues Committee (which preceded the Social Issues Executive)

Michael Hill PDF 08/1998

The Church and Public Policy

A 1998 discussion paper by members of the Social Issues Committee (which predated the Social Issues Executive)

Social Issues Committee PDF 08/1998

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