Reports & Submissions

2008 submission to Senate Inquiry into euthanasia laws repeal Bill

Lisa Watts PDF 10/2010

Transitions to palliation and end of life care: submission to NHMRC

Megan Best PDF 10/2010

Twelve points by Anglicare Sydney concerning same sex adoption

This document has been posted by permission of Anglicare Sydney.

Anglicare Sydney PDF 08/2010

SIE submission to the 2006 review of NSW adoption law

This submission to a 2006 review of NSW adoption law includes several points that remain relevant to the Adoption Amendment Bill 2010.

Andrew Cameron PDF 08/2010

AHRC “Freedom of Religion and Belief Project” Information Hour

Text of a presentation by Andrew Cameron on an Australian Human Rights Commission initiative.

Andrew Cameron PDF 10/2008

An Australian human rights framework: towards a Christian response.

SIE report (2008) to the Standing Committee of the Sydney Synod.

Andrew Cameron PDF 06/2008

Christian ministry in a changing climate

SIE report to Sydney Synod (2007) on climate change.

Andrew Cameron PDF 08/2007

Heart2Heart: Surprising facts on what makes the best relationships

Hardcopies of this booklet are available from as a part of our 'Healthy Relationships Kit'.

Jeremy Halcrow and Andrew Cameron PDF 11/2005

Home/work Conflict and relational wellbeing

Is our working life really a threat to a happy marriage? The SIE investigates ...

Jeremy Halcrow, Andrew Cameron, Tracy Gordon PDF 10/2005

Christian Spirituality and Relational Wellbeing

Hardcopies of this research paper are available from as a part of our 'Healthy Relationships Kit'.

Andrew Cameron, Jeremy Halcrow and Tracy Gordon PDF 10/2005