Reports & Submissions

Submission to NSW Parliamentary Working Group on Assisted Dying


Dr. Karin Sowada and Dr. Megan Best 09/2017

Template for Writing a Letter to Parliament about new Euthanasia legislation



Submission to Sydney City Council on the Draft Social Sustainability Policy


Dr Karin Sowada and the Very Rev Kanishka Raffel PDF 08/2016

Submission on Penalty Rates 2016


Darren Mitchell & Archbishop Dr Glenn Davies PDF 02/2016

Submission on Surrogacy 2016

Dr Megan Best and Archbishop Dr Glenn Davies PDF 02/2016

Yoga and other such activities

A new submission to Synod addresses whether Christians should participate in yoga. It recommends that discernment should be exercised because yoga may or may not involve the worship of false gods, and that schools should seek alternative forms of relaxation/exercise for their students.


Dr Karin Sowada PDF 10/2015

Submission to the Commercial TV Code of Practice 2015

Dr Karin Sowada PDF 09/2015

Submission to the Competition Policy Review 2014


Dr Glenn N Davies PDF 11/2014

Submission to the Inquiry into the Medical Services (Dying with Dignity) Bill 2014


Dr Glenn N Davies PDF 08/2014

Parish disability access survey: Report to Synod 2010

Our survey of parishes revealed much goodwill in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney toward people with disability. But two major misconceptions seriously mar our capacity for hospitality toward them. 


Andrew Cameron PDF 10/2010