What are the alternatives to euthanasia?


Palliative Care

The alternative to the introduction of voluntary euthanasia is for governments to better fund palliative care to ensure that all people have access to good palliative treatment. Palliative care is specialty care for terminally ill patients. The following resources can assist you to understand more about palliative care:

Margaret O'Connor, president of Palliative Care Australia, argues here that few people seek to hasten their end if they have access to good palliative treatment. (The Australian, October 12, 2010.)

In November 2010, Peter Kell published an article on sydneyanglicans.net, 'Great aged care gives life dignity', exhorting Christians not just to say no to euthanasia, but to say yes to the provision of world-class aged care that provide exceptional palliative care in loving, community settings.

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